How would you like your eggs?

Good morning

Not sure? Let us egg-splain it to you.

Over Easy

The egg is flipped and cooked just long enough to make the outer part of the yolk firm. The inside is still runny.

Over Medium

This is cooked a little bit more than over easy. The egg white is cooked but some of the yolk is still runny.

Over Hard

The egg white and the yolk are completely cooked.

Sunny Side Up

Your egg yolk looks like a bright morning sun and some of the egg white is still runny.


A fried egg that is cooked in water instead of oil.


Oil-free | Healthy Option


Egg white and yolk mixed together.


The egg is boiled without the shell. The egg white is cooked and the yolk is still runny. 

Simply ask us to cook it longer if you'd like a harder yolk.

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